About cookies

In order to provide the users a better browsing experience and adapted services, we use a series of scripts, called cookies.

Cookies (browser cookie or HTTP cookie) are text files containing small amounts of information, which are downloaded to your device when you visit a website.
Cookies are useful because they allow a website to remember, for a period of time, your actions and preferences (statistics and other listing preferences).

Transportulviitorului.ro uses the following types of cookies:

– website performance cookies
– analysis and statistics cookies (traffic and actions)

How can you modify and control cookies?

You can control or modify or remove cookies from your personal computer. For details, consult the website aboutcookies.org. You can delete all the cookies from your personal computer or you can block the storage of cookies, using browsers.

– Cookie settings in Internet Explorer
– Cookie settings in Firefox
– Cookie settings in Chrome
– Cookie settings in Safari

If you do this, you may have to set up your preferences manually, whenever you visit the website. Also, it is possible for some services or options not to function.